Family Card
Family Card
David Judd
This Family Tree started off as The Judd Family Tree, but has now expanded to include ‘The Loader Dynasty’ as compiled from records produced by my Uncle Ken Loader in 1986. I am indebted to his daughter Gillian Loader for allowing me to make copies of those records, which go back to the 16th century.
There are also included details of my wifes family The Swains, also my sister Rosemary has contributed further information to add The Robertson family.
The records of my family The Judds has been compiled over a number of years from various sources including The IGI Church of Jesus Christ Later day Saints. Northampton, and Norwich Record Offices and The Public Records Office in London. I have also found The National Census records of Particular help especially in Norfolk County records Office. I have made assumptions and am willing to correct and update should the true facts emerge. This project is still on going.
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